Transport José Herández Quijada


At José Hernández Quijada e Hijos S.L., our main business is transporting goods at specific temperatures and dry, both nationally and internationally.

José Hernández Quijada began working in the transport sector in 1969. From the beginning, the company was noted for its professionalism and dedication to the service offered to its customers. The quality of transport and the commitment to the agreed delivery date have always been core values ​​in our work. As a result of its evolution and growth, the company José Hernández Quijada e Hijos S.L. was created in 1994.

The company is located in Archena, Murcia where our whole team works, performing administrative, traffic, business and management tasks. Here, we work every day to offer our customers our best professional know-how.

We are a company committed to protecting the natural environment in which we carry out our activities, and so we have established an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001:2004 standards.

It should also be noted that José Hernández Quijada e Hijos S.L. is a member of La Archenera Logística, a Cooperative Society along with 4 other companies and together, we understand that a quality service is what satisfies our customers. This quality covers the entire process from receipt of the order of service, through its flawless transportation, until delivery to the customer at the time and in the manner agreed.

As a result, we have achieved a clear difference from other companies.

At José Hernández Quijada e Hijos S.L., we have extensive facilities of over 90,000 square metres, where we offer a variety of services (laundry, secure parking, petrol station, etc.) in addition to the garage where we repair our lorries and those of our clients.